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picture of dirty porta potty versus a picture of a clean, elegant luxury restroom

Why You Should Choose a Luxury Restroom Trailer Over a Porta Potty

When throwing an event, one of the biggest decisions you make is what type of lavatories you will provide for your guests. A dirty, cramped and uncomfortable bathroom experience will monopolize hundreds of guests’ time and conversations throughout and after your event. Luxury restroom trailers not only stop those conversations, it turns them into positive ones and enhances the event experience. Let us at The Luxe Flush Restroom Trailers tell you why a luxury restroom trailer is better than a porta-potty.

It Looks and Feels Like Homeinterior restroom with wood grain, 2 sinks and a morror about the sinks

We have all been there- that short walk from your place in line to the front door of the porta-potty. We never know what to expect, but we always assume the worst. Porta potties look lower class, flimsy and we know that they do not get cleaned throughout the day. There is no comfort.

With a Luxury Restroom Trailer, the outside looks clean and professional. The interior, however, is where a luxury trailer really stands out. Every detail from interior design features to running water and a mirror to check your appearance is included providing a true “at home” experience.

Flushable Toilets

Porta potties use a chemical liquid to minimize the odor. This blue chemical is designed to utilize nitrate-based solutions that work to deodorize the restroom. In a luxury restroom trailer, there is no blue sludgy water to look at. All Luxe Flush toilets use fresh, clean water that can be flushed after each use.

You can get a power generator, water delivery or even a restroom attendant to keep your trailer clean and proper for the length of your event.

Fresh, Clean WaterReflection of handsome caucasian man standing in bathroom with cupped hands and washing himself in the morning.

With a porta potty, you get what you see which means no running water. Sometimes, you may see a separate station outside the porta-potty that can be used to sanitize and wash hands. However, those quickly become dirty and unkempt.

Luxury restroom trailers come equipped with clean, fresh water that can be replaced throughout your event if needed. You can hook it up to a local water line or we can provide large deliveries of water if your restrooms are in the middle of nowhere.

Keeping Your Appearance

If you are at an event, you want to look good, right? Porta potties sometimes have a small mirror on the side, but the cramped and dirty nature of the plastic box doesn’t yield itself to a proper check on your appearance. Luxury restroom trailers have a full mirror and sink combination to check your hair, touch up you’re your makeup and make sure that you are looking good from head to toe.

Luxury AmenitiesRestroom Attendant Mopping up

Luxury restroom trailers come with amenities that are not typical with porta-potties. You can get a power generator, water delivery or even a restroom attendant to keep your trailer clean and proper for the length of your event.

There is no doubt that luxury restroom trailers are cleaner and more comfortable than porta-potties. The only question now is how many restrooms you need for your event. Trailers are available for any size event and they also have accessible models for guests with disabilities. The Luxe Flush accommodates events up and down the East Coast.

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